Acts of kindness can be small and simple, but their effects are often powerful and uplifting. If a single compliment can brighten your day, imagine what a bunch of those can. If we all perform one random act of kindness we might just set the world in the right direction.

Have you received a medal of kindness? Did it brighten up your day? How about sharing your story and help inspire others!
On this website you can leave your story for others to read, and find the inspiration to pass on the kindness.

Didn't have the fortune to be gifted a medal yet? Don't worry! Just spread kindness and it will most definitely find its way back to you.
Remember, kindness in contagious!


Random acts of kindness

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Inspirational acts of kindness

  • Give a compliment to a colleague about how well she/he did
  • Bring your best home-made dishes to the colleagues who have to work in the weekend
  • Welcome and get to know new hires
  • Offer to teach a colleague from abroad the local language
  • Offer to coach someone young and new
  • Get a cup of coffee or tea in his/her favourite flavour
  • Lent your umbrella to a colleague when it is raining outside
  • Give your colleague a lift to home
  • Bring some home-made cakes to work
  • Take over a task for your colleague when you know that he/she is overloaded
  • Offer to give some feedback to a colleague before he/she gives a presentation in front of a large group of audience
  • Buy someone lunch
  • Hand-write a Thank You note to someone you appreciate
  • Leave some coins and a 'pay it forward' note in an envelope attached to a vending machine
  • Hold the elevator for someone running behind
  • Help an overworked colleague with some tasks
  • Write, draw, make, or buy something encouraging for a colleague who is experiencing difficulties
  • Drop off a delicious snack at someone's desk
  • Offer to help with a task a co-worker doesn't enjoy
  • Open the door for those behind you
  • Fill the candy jar on someone else's desk
  • Offer help to a colleague who needs help outside work